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Simon Finn


'Steady State Disruption' - Charcoal on paper, 200 X 100cm (2015).




Coming exhibitions:

'Foresight', Fehily Contemporary (Melbourne) Opening celebration: Saturday 25th July, 3 - 5pm. The exhibition runs until 15th August.

2016 - Solo exhibition LUMA (Latrobe University of Modern Art + Visual Arts Centre)

Sky Lab: Kepler's Dream LUVAC 2016


Current exhibitions:

Synthetica - Counihan Gallery (NETS touring exhibition)

Synthetica Panel Discussion | The Future is Now: The Role of Art and Technology

Dr Andi Horvarth (University of Melbourne), Dr Cameron Rose (Monash University) and SYNTHETICA artist Simon Finn for a discussion on the impact and interplay of art and technology on our lives and the world around us and its possible trajectory.


Hazelhurst Art On Paper Award- Hazelhurst Regional Gallery (May - June 2015)


Specific Gravity - MOANA Project Space (May - June 2015)

'Specific gravity', an old scientific term, is a way of measuring the density of one substance in relation to another. In this exhibition artists explore the complex interdependencies of substance in natural phenomena and history. They consider the relationship between the micro and macro, the graspable and the nebulous, the mundane earthbound and the cosmological universal.


Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch Scholarship - Margaret Lawrence Gallery (Victorian College of the Arts).



'Steady State Disturbance' - Charcoal on paper, 200 X 100cm (2015).