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Simon is a practicing artist who generates artworks that are an exploration of temporal representations and the variable syntheses between artist, environment and technology. His practice is supported by accumulated experience as a 3D visualisation artist, digital imagist, video editor, compositor and animator for a range of international and local clientele since 1999.


Currently, he is also lecturing (sessional) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Specialised Communication in the School of Architecture (3D design + rapid prototyping). Other previous educational positions have been Unit Coordinator/Lecturer as part of a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment with majors in Animation and Games Design.


Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia



2017 - current

PhD (Art)


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


Master of Fine Arts (Research)

Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University



Graduate Diploma in Education (Art)

Melbourne University



Electronic Design and Interactive Media

Swinburne University



Honours, First Class. Bachelor of Arts - Fine Art

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology



Solo Exhibitions


‘Rising to the surface’


[MARS] Gallery
Noosa Regional Gallery


‘Cascading formation‘


Private Location


'Deluge Rotations'

'Beyond the Frustum - Stage 1'

'Beyond the Frustum - Stage 2' - Forthcoming

Fehily Contemporary

LUMA - latrobe Unniversity of Modern Art

Visual Arts Centre VAC - Bendigo




'Birth from destruction, death by construction'


Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne

Kampung Kollase, Bandung. Indonesia




FiveWalls Projects


‘Vertex vortex’
‘Stages of descent’

Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne
MOANA project space, Perth
Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide



‘Synthetic Surge’
‘Synthetic Animated Realities’

Beam Contemporary Art Space
George Paton Gallery, Melbourne



‘Sequential Cartographic drawings. Stage 1’
‘Sequential Cartographic drawings. Stage 2’
‘Sequential Cartographic drawings. Stage 3’

Blindside gallery, Melbourne
C3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne
Platform Public Contemporary Art Space



‘Drawn to motion’

Red Gallery, Melbourne




PB Gallery Swinburne University
Canberra Contemporary Art Space




Honours Gallery RMIT University



Selected Group Exhibitions


‘Analogue art in a digital world’
‘Hong Kong Art Fair’
‘Saltwater Freshwater’


RMIT Gallery
Hong Kong
Brighton Arts & Cultural Centre


DIGITAL: The World of Alternative Realities’
‘2017 Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award’
‘Yulendj Art Exhibition’
‘Ocean Imaginaries’
‘Fossil: A slow acting violence‘
‘Fictitious Realities’
‘An act of showing’
‘AGL Viewing Platform’
 ‘JADA Acquisitive Drawing Award’


The Justin Art House Museum JAHM
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery
Yulendj Indigenous Scholarship fund
RMIT Gallery
Stephen Mc Glaughlin Gallery
BACC Gallery
Testing Grounds, Melbourne
Geocentre, Broken Hill
University of the Sunshine Coast Gallery        
Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery 
Gympie Regional Gallery 

Redland Art Gallery  



‘JADA Acquisitive Drawing Award’
‘Paul Guest Drawing Prize’
‘Drawing to an end’
‘Works on paper’

'Skylab - Kepler's Dream'

'NOW 16'

‘Synthetica’ - NETS – Regional touring exhibit

Grafton Regional Gallery
Bendigo Art Gallery
MARS Gallery
Hill-Smith Gallery

LUVAC, Bendigo

Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery



‘It takes more than 140 characters to write a novel’
‘In Space’
‘New Dimensions’
‘Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch Scholarship’
‘Hazelhurst Art on paper award’
‘City of Hohart Art Prize’
‘Specific gravity’

‘Darebin Art prize'
‘Synthetica’ - NETS – Regional touring exhibit

Arts Projects Australia
Hatch Contemporary Art Space
Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide
Margaret Lawrence Gallery (VCA)
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery
Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery
MOANA project space, West Australia
Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre

Wangaratta Art Gallery
Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery
Gippsland Art Gallery
Counihan Art Gallery




'Vertigo' - Asialink Touring



'Perceptions of Space'

‘Paul Guest – Drawing Prize’

‘Walking the Line’ - Drawing show
‘Artist books’ – Forthcoming
‘Tools of the trade’


Plymouth College of Art, England

Galeri Soemardja, Institute of Technology Indonesia

Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Taiwan

POSCO Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea

Glen Eira City Council Gallery

Bendigo Art Gallery
Hill-Simth Gallery, Adelaide
Melbourne Art Rooms
Wandering Room, Queensland
Trocadero Art Space


‘Modern ruin’

Substation Contemporary Art Prize

‘NOW13’ – New Media Art.
'One hundred + twenty seconds'
'Down to the line: an exhibition of drawing'

The Substation, Centre for Art & Culture

The Substation, Centre for Art & Culture
Dark Horse experiment, Melbourne
Touring exhibition, London
Federation Square, Melbourne
Bett Gallery, Tasmania



'Final Countdown'
'Primal Mutation' - Travelling
'Primal Mutation' – Satellite Art Fair
'Paul Guest - Drawing Prize'
'Kedumba Drawing Award'
'Dark nature'
'New Drawing 2012'

Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne
MOANA project space, Western Australia
24hr Art, NT Centre for Contemporary Art
NotFair -ThousandPoundBend, Melbourne
Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria
Kedumba Gallery, New South Wales
C3 Contemporary Art Space
Subject Matter Art Space



'Dobell Drawing Prize'
'Banyule Award for works on paper'

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Banyule Arts Space



'Electric funeral'

Australian Centre for the Moving Image




200 Gertrude Street







‘Art+Tech’ – Melbourne Knowledge week
‘The digital in Art practice’
’Architectural formation’


Victorian College of the Arts
Justin Art House Museum
Deakin University




‘Geospatial Imaginaries’ Research Workshop
‘Frustum’ – Lecture/Discussion
‘Beyond the Frustum’ – Artist talk
‘Technological intersecting traditional’
‘Tech poetics’


Virtual Experiences Laboratory RMIT
La Trobe University – telecast
La Trove University, Bundoora
Athenaeum Club discussion w/ J Cattapan
Arts Projects Australia




The Future is Now: The Role of Art and Technology

'Rise of the Tower' - Lecture/Discussion


Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, London
'Synthetic Animated Realities'


Counihan Gallery, Melbourne

Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia


British Computer Society, London
EVA, London 2012


Media - Reviews


Spear, Felicity – Skylab, Keplers Dream. Catalog essay Latrobe University Visual Art centre Aug 2016
Férri, Ahrial – ‘Navigation and panopticon’ 2016 Kampung Kolase Pasundan University 2016. essay
Sachs, Bernhard – ‘The Erasure of the World by Representation: Simon Finn’s Catastrophic Formalism’ 2016 - Catalogue essay

Kesa, Ingrid - CreatorsProject (VICE) 15 August 2015 Interview

O'Neill jane - 'Foresight' Catalog 28 July 2015 Essay

ABC Radio – Joseph Thomsen: ‘Synthetica’ Interview, February 2015. - Audio

ABC The world - Asialink + Blinside 'Vertigo' presented by Kesha West, Australian Broadcast Corportaion The world April 2014 - Video

Watson, Claire - ‘Vertigo: Chaos and dislocation in contemporary Australian art’ Asialink / BLINDSIDE touring exhibition, 2014 - Exhibition catalog

Brennan, Michael – ‘Modern Ruin’ Substation Centre for Art and Culture catalog, 2013.

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Arts editor ‘Notfair for undiscovered artists’, Western Port News, 17 July 2012
Craswell, Penny, ‘Emerging artists at primal mutation’ Artichoke, issue 41. 2012





RMIT Research Stipend Scholarship (PhD)
Finalist – JADA Drawing Award


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Uni Sunshine Coast Gallery



Finalist - Paul Guest Drawing Prize

Finalist – JADA Drawing Award


Bendigo Art Gallery

Grafton Regional Gallery


Winner – Banyule award, works on paper
Finalist -  Darebin Art Prize

Finalist - Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship

Finalist – City of Hobart Art Prize

Finalist – Hazelhurst Works on paper

Banyule City Council, Melbourne
Bundoora Homestaed Arts Centre

VCA - Margaret Lawrence Gallery

Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery

Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery



Finalist – Paul Guest Drawing Prize
Recipient – Stuart Black Travelling Scholarship
Recipient – Artist Project Grant

Finalist - Linden Art Prize


Bendigo Art Gallery
Melbourne University
The Asialink Centre

Linden Centre for Contemporary Art


Winner - Athaneum Award

Finalist – Hutchins Art Prize

Finalist - Substation Contemporary Art Prize

Victorian College of the Arts

Long Gallery Salamanca Place

The Substation, Centre for Art & Culture



Winner – Howard Arkley Award
Winner – Kedumba Drawing Award
Finalist – Paul Guest Drawing Prize
Recipient – Arts Committee Arts Grant

Notfair Art Fair
Kedumba Gallery
Bendigo Art Gallery
University of Melbourne



Finalist – The Dobell Drawing Prize
Finalist – Banyule works on paper award

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Banyule Arts Space





2015 - ITB Institut Teknologi Bandung, West Java - Indonesia


Professional Experience

Currently lecturing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology - Specialised Communication in the form of 3D prototyping and design in the School of Architecture. Previous educational positions: Unit Coordinator and lecturer. Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment - majors in Animation and Games Design.
Previous professional experience: Simon has also accumulated extensive experience as a 3D visualisation artist for a range of international clientele and production as well as post-production experience in film and television in Australia and Canada.



Melbourne Art Rooms (MARS), Melbourne.

Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide.

Drawing Centre Viewing program, New York.




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Simon Finn